Jul 15 2011

Mike + Katie

Sorry I haven’t put this latest video up on the blog, its been done for weeks and Mike and Katie loved it! But better late than never right?

Mike and Katie had a beautiful wedding in Dallas Pennsylvania in June. It started off as a beautiful day (although a bit chilly) when Mike, his Dad, and his best man started off the day with some golf. Unfortunately, when it came time for the ceremony however, it started to rain, and we had to quickly move to a indoor location. Even though inside the barn was darker than anybody would have liked, and it didn’t seat as many people as were there, the ceremony was really nice and generated beautiful images.

The Reception was equally as nice as the morning, the venue (Friedmand Farms), had a nice room that accommodated a lot of people very comfortably and had an interesting look.

However, even with an amazing location, and good weather, a video can not be good with out a great couple and thats exactly how Mike and Katie were. You could tell they were more than in love and they were more than happy to be getting married to each other that day. I think that love came through in this video. Enjoy.

May 4 2011

Capture by Peak Design

I need to have this! I have no affiliation with this project, but it looks like it could be insanely helpful on certain projects or locations. Too bad its hugely on back order AND hasn’t been released yet, but I’m about to put myself on the list.

May 4 2011

Troy Pallitto’s New Site

So my friend Troy Pallitto was over one day talking about how he’d like to do a website and take some pictures of his work. I told him that it sounded easy enough and I’d love to do it with him.  Then I had the idea… lets make a video and put it up on the site as well.  Below is the video and behind the scenes pictures.  If you want to see more, or the finished work check out troypallitto.com. There is also a blog but whats there is just a place holder for now with an installation of wordpress. We haven’t done any more to the blog but when he starts getting rolling we’ll get back to the blog and get it updated.

May 3 2011


So I found this old film on my servers, and figured I should throw it up on vimeo and post it on the blog. This was my first film I ever made so don’t judge too harshly. As you can tell its the world’s shortest “chick flick” boy and girl are together, boy and girl break up… well you know the rest.. or you can find out by watching it. The problems I had on set was that the only day I could get the camera was over the thanksgiving break they gave us, and I couldn’t get lights so If I wanted to do it on time and not fail I had to make do with lights that I could get from my house to light the set.. As you can tell, it didn’t work out as I had planned, but my second film was much better. If I can find it in digital form I’ll put it online soonish.

The guy is my friend Troy Pallitto, the girl is my girlfriend’s little sister Rebecca Jaffe.

Apr 20 2011

Working with Midnight Media!

Today I was lucky enough to work with Dave at Midnight Media on a shoot they were doing for a new prescription medicine. I helped out with the lighting for most of the day a long side a guy named JP, a really nice guy who happened to be the lighting director for this shoot. We shot the piece on a sound stage in New Jersey with some very nice actresses. Shooting entirely on a Panasonic camera on P2 cards. As always, Midnight Media did an amazing job and I can’t wait to work with them again.

I also took some behind the scenes pictures in between takes on my iphone. Check them out below.

Mar 27 2011

UMD Koach’s Website!

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy and I do have at least 3 more blog posts that I would like to write in the coming days showing some of my recent work for anybody who stumbles upon my blog. First though I thought I’d take the time to mention that over the past week I’ve been working with UMD Koach to build their website and customize a blog type site for them. Check it out at UMDKoach.org I’d love for it to gather some traffic and build momentum.


Nov 13 2010

Randolph Football

Some pictures taken at senior night. Images were taken on the 5D Mark II, with a 300 2.8L IS and a 24-70 2.8L.

They are only one game away from going to states! Wishing Randolph luck in their next game.

Aug 28 2010

Allie + Rob

I had a lot of fun shooting the wedding of Allie and Rob at Marist College in New York. The campus was right on the Hudson River, which was really nice. This is the highlights video we created:

Feb 27 2010

New Linear Tracking Rig!

So the last piece of my linear tracking system is finally here! Its going to bring an extra bit of production value to our productions. A slow tracking shot in, a reveal of the rings, tracking shots into hidden cuts etc.

Pictured: Pegasus linear tracking system, 501 dv head, 17-40L , 5D Mark II, Redrock Follow Focus, Redrock Rig, 2 light stands
New linear tracking system

Dec 14 2009

5D in action

I have pulled a few clips from the 5D Mark II, just so show what it has done in a Bar Mitzvah environment. The shots were taken last night and were quickly thrown together in a timeline. They were not yet color graded in any way, they also were not edited creatively, the shots were simply placed in a row so that I could show a few people what the quality of the camera looks like. There is only 5D shots here, there are no shots from the other camera that was used that night.

Please disregard sound. Sound was recorded elsewhere, and was not mixed in for this footage. This sound comes from the on camera mic, which is lacking in most respects. DVD quality sound was recorded through other means on other equipment and cards.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

A quick series of shots taken from the 5D last night from Louis Maddalena on Vimeo.

All the shots in the above video were shot hand held, with a mono-pod attached but not supported by the ground.